Feet, Fascia & the Future of Functional Movement - Webinar Serie

Feet, Fascia & the Future of Functional Movement - Webinar Serie
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The dynamic control of functional movement is deeply integrated on the body's perception of the outside world. 

Join me for this 3 part webinar series as we explore the latest research on how our feet, fascia and functional movement are even more integrated than we currently realize. 

From fascial tensioning to fascial elasticity our fascia plays a role in how we perceive, store and transfer forces during dynamic movement. This webinar series will prepare you how to train your clients for more efficient and precise movement.

Video 1 - Fascial Tensioning & the Future of Proprioceptive Training 

Learn how small nerve proprioceptive training and stimulation is the future of movement accuracy and performance training. 

Video 2 - Fascial Elasticity and the Future of Energy Transfer

Learn how to effectively transfer forces through specific training of fascial elasticity and rhythmic loading via isometric movements.

Video 3 - Foot Function and Fascial Lines

Learn how the plantar foot layers are a fascinating fascial pathway of interconnecting fascial lines which are intended for optimal foot function and human performance. 



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